More than you ever wanted to know about me

Hello friend! Thanks for wandering into my neck of the cyber woods. I’m a{fairly} new mom & feel overwhelmed lots of the time, but also relish spending my days with someone I don’t have to impress—or rather, someone who’s impressed 
by my bubble-blowing & sidewalk chalk abilities.
(Clients of my small home-based medical billing company aren’t nearly so easy to please.)

I’m fond of writing, words, walks, and some things that don’t start with ‘w,’ such as: Tetris, yoga, Gilmore Girls, garden gnomes, fries dipped in ranch, meditation, Death Cab for Cutie, female friendships.

Dream jobs include: Book Mobile driver, novelist, lawn mower, park ranger.

Plans for someday include: traveling to Europe, owning a home, learning to crochet, vanquishing my depression, and having lunch with Tina Fey (not all in the same day).

In the meantime, I’m in awe of many realized dreams: loving family, a compassionate God, tall mountains, health, the satisfaction of creating, vibrant friendships, silver linings.

What else? My creative writing degree landed me an awesome job…as a secretary. We may be the only residents of our small Wyoming town who don’t own a dog. I’ve been outside the U.S. only once and only for an evening, to have dinner in Mexico. I can't parallel park.

Though she often eludes me, I feel most connected to my brightest self when I:
 spend time doing what I love
value God’s opinion above anyone else’s
practice {self} compassion

 I aspire to live by the wise words of yoga instructor and author Rolf Gates:

“I try never to forget that there is something up above. I’ve learned to believe that what I need is in my soul. I follow my heart and nothing else.”

Mostly I write the things I need to hear & hope they resonate with the brightness inside you.