My List of Reverse Resolutions

After writing the post on reverse resolutions (could we call them 2013 appreciations?) I decided to actually give the exercise a go, and was happily surprised to fill a few pages in my journal. I counted small things, because our lives are constructed mostly of small moments that gain power and momentum over time. Here are some of the things on my list: 
-Moved apartments twice
-Started blogging again
-Organized a babysitting co-op
-Went on a 15-mile hike (just barely survived)
-Played hostess to lots of family & friends
-Read more books than years past
-Dated Glade
-Kept a gratitude notebook
-Listened to lots of Ted Talks
-Initiated some hard conversations 
-Gave gifts
-Attended two family reunions
-Created enjoyable rituals with Em 
(riding the town bus to Great Harvest for 
cinnamon bread)
-Tried to turn the reins of my life back over to God
-Made new friends
-Mothered with my whole heart 
(which does not at all resemble perfection)
-Kept trying

What did your list look like? It's not too late to make one. It's a nice way to honor what you've accomplished and tell 2013 goodbye.