Super {Tired} Mom!

Super {Tired} Mom!
letting someone else come to the rescue

 How to be super at being a tired mom…

A {super} tired mom:
-Lowers her expectations
-Accepts help (might even ask for help, as excruciating as that can be)
-Allows herself to take naps
-Procrastinates :) (the dishes will survive one more night in the sink)
-Acknowledges her miniscule accomplishments
-Drinks lots of water
-Puts some projects on the backburner
-Says no to extraneous committments
-Delegates to other family members
-Rekindles her relationship with simplicity
-Asks for what she needs
-Makes pancakes for dinner (or orders pizza)
-Only attempts a few things on this list at a time
-Combats the guilt she feels for doing any of the above

Sometimes I feel like my life is over, when really all I need is a nap.