For a time Em called her heartbeat her “heartbeep.” Awww.
What if our hearts did have a mechanism that got triggered when we were straying from our true course?

BEEP! Put down the remote control. Put down the cookie. Go outside.
Beep! Slow down. Call the friend you’ve been meaning to get in touch with.
BEEP! It’s been awhile since you prayed...
Beep! Don’t yell, it’s not worth it. It’s never worth it.
BEEP! Weren’t you going to exercise today? Go on, lace up those shoes.
Beep! Remember to breathe. Be here now.

 My heart would be beeping all the time. 

But there is no mechanism. 
No jarring awake. 
There's just the choice to be still 
and check in and make sure 
you haven't strayed too far 
from yourself. 
And if you have, 
there's just the choice 
to guide yourself gently back, 
again and again.