Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison

Once in a great while you find a book that embodies truths you have long felt but have been unable to articulate. That’s how I felt about this book. Katrina Kenison writes with a gentle simplicity that made me think: life doesn’t have to be so complicated, does it? It showed me another way. With chapter titles including “Play” “Stories” “Enchantment” “Surrender” and “Breathing,” Kenison illustrates how to center our lives around things that really matter. She reminds us of the delicate and magical world our children inhabit, and shows how we can reside there with them.

Consider this book if you:
-Want to slow down, but don’t know how
-Wonder how to enjoy your children more (or at all)
-Are seeking peace and fulfillment, particularly in your role as a mother
-Want your actual life to more closely resemble the life you imagined
-Are looking for the perfect gift for a new mom

This book was so rife with memorable lines and concepts that I didn’t want to stop reading long enough to write them down—I knew it would be a book I’d read again and again. But here are a few gems nonetheless:

“If we don’t attend to life’s small rituals, if we can’t find time to savor dailiness, then we really are impoverished. Our agendas starve our souls.”

“Remember that children are spiritual beings, and as such they deserve our respect and reverence.”

“When I stop speeding through life I find the joy in each day’s doings, in a life that cannot be bought, but only discovered, created, cherished, and livedI wrote this book because I needed it myself – and because I suspect that I’m not alone, that other mothers, too, yearn to offer their children an alternative to our culture’s noise, pressures, and materialism.”

Kenison says she agrees with these words from Thoreau: 

I love that.