Brightest Self Fitness Challenge

Click on this picture for the challenge details and tracking spreadsheets
Back in March, my (clearly) persuasive sister convinced me to participate in a “Get Healthy” challenge with a group of her friends. January wasn’t so far gone that my desire for good health had entirely evaporated. Plus, there was a chance to win the $$$ everyone put into a pot. So I tried to ignore the fact that I am a slave to sugar and commenced.

And I loved it! Most of it, anyway. There were some intense craving battles (that I lost) and the brutal experience of admitting to myself that about 75% of my consumption is emotional eating. But I started drinking water! Enough to ward off fatigue. And I started eating vegetables! Did you know green bell peppers taste like fresh garden peas? And that baked cauliflower is mysteriously delicious?

The cool thing about this challenge is that it isn’t just about weight loss. It’s about developing good habits that are also sustainable. The categories you keep track of and receive points for include:
contacting a teammate daily
getting 2 servings of fruit 
and 3 servings of veggies
drinking 64 oz. of water
not eating after 9 pm
keeping a food journal
exercising 5 days a week
avoiding sweets 6 days of the week.

I know, I know, it sounds intense. It sounds time-consuming. But can you think of a better use of time and energy than attempting a healthy lifestyle? Plus, the group format keeps things fun—chocolate isn’t quite as formidable an opponent when I know that there’s a whole group of us waging war on it. My husband even got on board (thank heavens, because I might have had to hire a hit man if Glade ate ice cream in front of me every night and tempted me to watch TV instead of exercise). Seriously though, having the people you live and eat with working toward the same goals is extremely helpful.

Check out the detailed instructions and printable point-tracking sheets. I squished it all onto five pages, in honor of the environment...and the price of ink. 

Accountability, encouragement, and a monetary incentive? That’s as close to a recipe for success as I’ve come across.

Source: This idea originated at http://www.lifetimewellnesschallenge.org. I came to it through the Six Sisters Stuff blog and made a few modifications.