Rethink Your Destination

Children have an innate gift that few of us retain into adulthood: the ability to go about life slowly. Most of the time this gift aggravates rather than inspires me—like when my toddler Em insists on descending the three flights of stairs from our apartment on her own. On a recent walk I felt the familiar, anxious urge to hurry her along, glancing ahead and thinking: we’ll never make it to the top of that hill.

Then it hit me: I don’t have the make it to the top of that hill! The top of that hill isn’t my destination. My destination is to have an enjoyable outing with my daughter. If that means poking around in the same muddy puddle for ten minutes, so be it. If it means standing absolutely still and watching the sky, that’s okay. When I surrender to my child's pace and breathe deeply rather than fume, I find the peace that so frequently eludes me. I remember that often the journey is the destination.