Songs I've Been Lately Loving {September 2012}

New music is always a good thing, right? These are a few songs I've listened to over and over again, but don't seem to get sick of.

"North By North" Faded Paper Figures

"Hysteric" Yeah Yeah Yeahs
(Check out the acoustic version too. You won't regret it.)

"Charlie Brown" Coldplay

"Horses on the Range" Jimmy Curran
(sorry, I know it's annoying to read lyrics whilst listening)

I've been wondering what Em thinks of our music. My little brother was in a band (that sadly went the way of most high school bands). This was Em's reaction when I put their CD in:
My parents saddled me with an undying love for Billy Joel and They Might Be Giants. Do your kids like some of your favorite artists more than others? What songs have you been lately loving?