Yogi Wisdom

A while back I posted about attending a workshop with a yoga psychologist named Uma Krishnamurthy. I wrote about her idea that emotions are more contagious than bacteria, but wanted to to summarize the rest of what I learned:

Uma's definition of wisdom is "someone who does not cause suffering for others or themselves." We get attached to our suffering. Are you holding on to a belief or grievance you'd be better off discarding?

There's a "divine consciousness" throbbing within everyone. Yoga helps clear the mind of distractions so you can connect with your own divine consciousness. Try to see the divine in yourself and others.

The American psychologist Abraham Maslow defined enlightenment as transforming your perception from critical to loving Try to make this shift next time you find yourself in a stressful situation. (This is a tough one for us mere mortals.)

Happiness is intrinsic. It's a property of our own consciousness.

A soul has no scars

Accept your negative thoughts, but don't analyze them

Taste the juiciness of your own soul. (I'm not quite sure what this one means, but I like the sound of it :)

Try to see the eagle in the egg and the saint in the sinner

I hope one of these ideas strikes a chord with you and helps you view today differently.