The Kind of Math I Don't Hate

If you sing your child two songs a day, that's 730 songs a year (it's okay if they're the same two songs over and over again)

A genuine compliment a week = 52 a year

Two hugs a day = 730 hugs a year (Em's still learning how to hug. Her primary expression of love is putting her forehead to mine and saying, "ahhhhh!" I'll take it.)

One "I love you" every day = 365 a year (Didn't even need a calculator for that one :)

Three walks a week =  156 a year (and lots of love for your heart!)

Read three books a day = 1,095 a year

There's power in doing something daily (or weekly). Little things add up. I have to remind myself of this when I start feeling overwhelmed and frantic. Life happens one day at a time. Small changes yield enormous results. We are the sum total of our experiences.