Dare: Record 5 Reasons You're a Great Mom

Do you very often feel like a great mom?

I don't. 

I even find it hard to swallow when someone compliments an aspect of my parenting. It's not that I'm trying to be modest or unpretentious. I just find it extremely difficult to acknowledge my successes as a parent, when there are so many failures mixed in.

Do you know of many moms who give themselves enough credit for the abundant good that they do? It's often easier to show compassion to others than toward ourselves. I can effortlessly tell a friend what a good mom they are, but to turn around and say those words to myself? No way.

But I'm going to try it. This Mother's Day (only my second one as a mom), I'm going to cut myself some slack, and give myself the gift of 5 reasons Em is lucky to have me for a mom.

1. We go for lots of walks 

2. I'm a good tickler (and she's an excellent tickle-ee)

3. We have fun dancing in the kitchen

4. I'm trying to help her love books

5. I talk to her all day long

Phew. That was hard. But healthy. I dare you to try it. If you're feeling extra brave, you can even list your 5 reasons in the comments section.

This was the daily thought from Real Simple magazine. It's nice to find a bit of wisdom in my inbox every day. Isn't this a perfect motto for motherhood? (And life in general).

Happy Mother's Day. You, I am confident, are a great mom.